Ask a Professional Series (Lawyer) RECORDING

Ivanna Iwasykiw from KPA Lawyers Professional Corporation will be speaking to business owners about:

• What kinds of loans programs exist for small and medium sized businesses (up to 1 million dollars in revenue)

• How CERB and CEWS applies to self employed persons and the interplay between the two• How the OCECRA program works (Ontario-Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance)

• Business interruption insurance claims• Basics of contract law and special rules of performance around pandemics (for things like supplier contracts or machine rental contracts)

• Basics of Employment Law (what is an employee vs an Independent Contractor, methods for temporarily laying off employees, how to manage independent contractors)

About the presenter: Ivanna is a civil litigation, human rights and employment lawyer practicing in Ontario. She has practiced in both the USA and Canada, serving as a law clerk, duty counsel, caseworker and, presently, a lawyer at KPA Lawyers. Ivanna has over 5 years of experience in both employment and labour law, and has represented both businesses and individuals at the Human Rights Tribunal, the Ministry of Labour, the Landlord and Tenant Board, and at both the Small Claims Court and the Superior Court of Justice. Recently, Ivanna has spoken on sauga960am where she answered questions and provided information on the recent changes to the Employment Standards Act and the benefits and programs available for both employees and businesses during the COVID19 shutdowns.

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Date of Event
May 12, 2020, 6:00 pm - May 12, 2020, 8:00 pm
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