Downtown Hanover Residential/Commercial Opportunity

A ‘key’ municipally owned property in downtown Hanover is available for development to meet a mixed use need. It is .665 acres with immediate exposure to Hanover’s two busiest streets. Zoning is downtown Commercial (C1) with permitted uses Commercial, Residential and Institutional.
Municipality of Hanover is currently undertaking a hotel feasibility study and is interested in attracting new hotel development to compliment the completed investment in the new Gateway Casino.

Hanover, Ontario is located in rural Southwestern Ontario with a population of over 7,600 and is a thriving regional center serving over a 100,000 and a primary market of 50,000. Its economy is very well diversified across manufacturing, agriculture and the Bruce Nuclear Development that is under an hour away. With a growing region there is a need for further retail development, housing, and rental accommodations. 

Location: 233 10th Street, Hanover, Ontario, N4N 1P1

acre parcel
market within 30 min
Area Strengths
Gig Community (Fibre to the home)
Regional Hub (Retail, Service, Recreation)